After reading the Contractor Agreement and Mystery Shopping Guidelines please fill out the following.

In making application as a mystery shopper I understand the following requirements:

1. If my application is approved I will be hired as an

2. Consumer Impressions ONLY payment method is

3. I will receive my assignments by A specific date and time will be assigned for each visit. If the dates are not convenient for me I must go online to change the of the shop. I must arrive the time frames assigned. I understand that if I perform the shop outside of the time frame I will not be paid for the visit.

4. When filling out the form, if any of the answers are I must provide a comment as to why.

5. Consumer Impressions must receive my for the survey or it will not be included in my payment for the month.

6. Once the visit is complete I must the information into my account within hours of completion.

7. Should Consumer Impressions have further questions regarding my visit , I must respond to their text, email or voice mail within hours. If I fail to provide this additional information my shop could be considered invalid.

8. I understand that I purchase additional meals when performing a visit. If I purchase additional meals it will make the survey invalid.

9. I should be objective in my statements

10. If I complete a shop in January then I will be paid for that shop in

11. If I have a friend or relative that works for any of our clients, I am to be a mystery shopper.

12. Consumer Impressions will take action if any information provided is false or misrepresented.

13. I need to designate the domain as a valid email correspondent with my